Proposed Cheyenne Co Community Theater Group

Posted date: Sep 11, 2016

by: Jason Padgett
There is talk around town about starting a community theater group which will perform a wide variety of material for the public once, or a couple of times a year. Many of the group's details have not yet been worked out, but interest is growing, and as the word gets around, more people are signing up to help make the community theater happen.

The Cheyenne Co Community Theater Group is currently trying to find the people who might be interested in helping in any aspect of the production. If your interests are in acting, or production, administration, or set design, we want to hear from you. We need people who want to see community theater become a part of our culture here in Northwest Kansas, and who will have a lot of fun doing it.

No schedule has been set for the beginning of the first production, it is still under discussion, even the first play has not yet been decided on, although a few initial plays have been discussed.

The creation of a Cheyenne Co Community Theater Group has the potential to give another cultural outlet to the citizens of this area, whether through acting, producing, or taking the family out for a night at the theater. We need you to make it happen, so if you have any interest, let us know. Since no official channels of communication have been set up, you can contact Jason at with your questions, or your interest in participating. And even if you don't want to participate in the production, your attendance at the play would be greatly appreciated.

My Local Life will bring you more details as they are figured out.
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