My Local Life || PhotoShow || 1st Annual Art and Culture Exhibition, Opening Night
1st Annual Art and Culture Exhibition, Opening Night
Posted date: Jul 17, 2016

by: Jason Padgett

Judge: Joel Dugan, Painting Instructor, Fort Hays State University

Best of Show Rebe Joy "Blood Moon Rising"

2 dimensional
1st Rachel Hoffman, St Francis "Cheyenne County Condo"
2nd Thomas Peyton, Colby, "Meadowlark Lake", acrylic
3rd Becky Twiss, pastel, "Grandma's Poppy", Wray

3 dimensional
1st Abby Killingsworth, Goodland, "Anahata"
2nd Kimberly Zweygardt, St Francis, "Wild Thing"
3rd Tony Howard, St Francis, "Mailbox"

Multi Media
1st Abby Killingsworth, Goodland, "Nappy Butterflys" textile
2nd Tiffany Hamilton, Bird City, "After the Fire" wood and thread
3rd Rebel Joy, Colby, "A Taste for Texture"

Awards of Merit:
Bev Kern, Colby, "Field of Flowers"
Thomas Peyton, Colby, "Wade in the Water" acrylic
Patti Bohall, Wray, "Lost Lake" pastel
Cindy Musgrave Wray, "Dreaming"
Bev Kern, Colby, "Boremo Mission"
Norma Stevens, McCook, "Quilt and Poppies", watercolor
Colleen Twiss, Wray, "Gustov" pastel
Michael Boyson, Bird City, "The Missing Link"
Cindy Musgrave, Wray, "Climbing Shadows"
Kimberly Zweygardt, St Francis, "Earth Mantle"

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