(the website = mll)

When you use this site, there is certain information that mll collects.
  • Your personal information that is collected during registration.
  • mll stores your log on information, which is your email address and password. Your email address is stored in plain text with the rest of your personal data. Your password is salted with a random sequence and then encrypted. Even if mll wanted to, which mll doesn't, mll cannot look up, see, access, or figure out what your password is.
  • The information you choose to give on the directory, and business pages.
  • Information you upload in the form of classifieds, blog, and articles (including corresponding pictures).
  • mll also records the number of times and article is clicked, and when it was clicked. mll doesn't record who clicked it. This is for the 'Trending' section on the site.
  • mll records your scores in the games section. This is for display when you finish a game, and a global ranking display, if you want to compare your scores with other people.
  • Google analytics data.
So, what does mll do with your data? Other than run the features on the website, nothing. Your information will not be sold or given away to any other party. Information you provide, that is displayed on the site, like directory data, articles, classifieds, blog, and ranking game scores are visible to anyone on the site and is therefore public.

Information that is not public, mll will do it's best to protect with numerous security features, and will not distribute.

mll will use your email address for your log on verification, and will only use it to contact you for issues with your account or a submission you posted to the site. If your submission is rejected, reported, or in any other way in question, mll may try to contact you to inform you of the situation. mll will not use your information to contact you for any other reason.

In essence, the material you post as public will be public, and any information you post that is supposed to be private mll will do all it can to keep it private. And no information will be willingly given or sold to any third party.