Eagle Communications broadband upgrade a go in St. Francis
ST. FRANCIS — Eagle Communications announced this week a major milestone had been reached in the planned broadband upgrades project in the community of St. Francis, a move that will bring high-speed internet access to residents and businesses.

Eagle, working alongside with the St. Francis Internet Committee volunteers, reached 210 early signups, meaning the upgrade will proceed as planned.

"The support of the community of St. Francis has been simply amazing,' said Travis Kohlrus, Ea
Video of an unexplained object, moving in the skies above Cheyenne Co, KS
Posted for Ray Alcott

After seeing the 4-28-17 video of the object moving across the moon, @ it reminded me of a similar video I had shot on 10-22-14 north of St. Francis, KS at sunset. If it wasn’t for that post I wouldn’t have posted this—however both videos to me look as if they are related somehow???

It was worth a post

Camera Zoom was 20X & the video is 500% of normal speed
Your Eagle Fiber-Optic Internet Questions Answered - 4/11/17 Edition
Since going public with the plans for the Fiber to the Premises project, it has been the goal of the St Francis Internet Committee to get as much information as possible out to the people of St Francis. We have been talking out details with Eagle for a long time, and talking with many of you about those details, trying to get you as excited about fiber-optics as we all are.

A Fiber Internet infrastructure in St Francis will greatly increase your internet speed. And by 'greatly' I mean 8 to 10
Truly high speed internet in St Francis
We in St Francis have an opportunity to have truly high speed internet. To clarify, by high speed I mean speeds that most cities have not achieved, and are currently fighting to get. A physical, hard line, fiber-optic connection to every customer, business and residential. The max bandwidth being offered to any individual customer is 1 gigabyte per second (1000 mb/s), which is honestly more than many of our systems can handle. With bandwidth options starting at 25 mb/s (which is 10x more than I
Introduction to Computers
I receive a lot of requests for computer classes covering the basics, or some specific program or element used during general computer use. At one time I held computer classes covering these subjects, and I may again, but I thought posting the class synopsis for those classes would help someone needing a reminder how to use their computer.

There are a number of these class synopses, and I thought it would be best to start with the Intro class:

<span style='font-weight:bold;'>Introduc
Monthly Computer Maintenance
For a generally happy computer, there are a few things you can do, simple maintenance steps which will keep your computer running smoothly and bug free. These steps will clean out the log and history files from your computer, cleans the cache, temporary internet files, and a lot of others. Then, you will run scans searching for viruses and potentially unwanted programs. Then, you will check some of your settings for common problems. And finally, run updates.

These steps are just general maint