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The Dust Jackets at Fresh 7
Had the pleasure to see and hear the Dustjackets at Union Square in St Francis last Saturday. Had a wonderful time and the music was great! They are a Folk/Americana band that included a little rock and roll, blues, country, bluegrass, even a little jazz. Union Square is fantastic venue, complete with coffee, a variety of liquor beverages (I had saki, yum) munchies and ambiance galore. Lots of people showed up to get down to the music. Union square is a center for good times in our little town.
Local Artist Exhibits This Spring
Re-posted for Margaret Lister

Allison Grice's exhibit of photography and graphic design has opened at Quincy Gallery with a reception on March 2nd.

Ms Grice, a St Francis native, is well known here as an exceptionally talented artist with wide range of interests. Over the years, though, it is photography that has allowed her to share her heart.

Whether it's a rusty old pickup or wheat blowing in the breeze against a sunset, Ms Grice's photography shows her love of nature and history. Sh
CC4C Presents Rebel Mehieu's Mixed Media Art
Rebel Mahieu says she is inspired by Georgia O'Keefe, Vincent Van Gogh and Diego Rivera. Her works shows the intimacy of Nature from O'Keefe, bold application of Van Gogh and the vibrancy of Rivera, some in three dimensions.

One relief sculpture appears to be constructed with broken bits from a garage. It's a monument to toys and tools and springs and so many other things that are granted an honorary second life as art. See how many things you can find that you remember playing with as a chi
Rollin' in Dough in Mistletoe
As a part of the Yuletide Festival this year, the Way-Off Broadway players will perform "Rollin' in Dough in Mistletoe". The story of a small town, under the thumb of the evil Rolland N. Dough who plans on taking the town for himself, and foreclosing on every business, and on Christmas Eve...

The villainy... The villainous villainy.

How will the good people of Mistletoe keep their businesses? Will Holly Berry ever find love? Will Sandy Claws figure out a perfect cranberry sauce
Way-Off Broadway Players practice their unique style of silliness for a Dec performance
A new group of aspiring and experienced actors has formed. The Way-Off Broadway Players hope to bring to Cheyenne County a bit of humor, love, loss, villainy, and heroism presented to you from the stage.

The story of the Way-Off Broadway Players is set to begin in the only way a story about players should begin, with comedy and foolishness. Pages of silliness are being rehearsed, comedic falls practiced, evil laughs tested, lines being sung Way-Off key, and egos being ignored as we perfect ou
Jim Hoy at the Old Country Church
It was educational and a joy to revisit the 1860's cattle drives with Jim Hoy last evening at the Old Country Church. The Kansas Humanities Council sponsored the presentation. Mr Hoy sang old songs and told the story of how and why Kansas figured into a phase of American history that influenced the image of the American Hero.

After the Civil War there was a shortage of cattle in the United States and an overabundance of cattle in Texas, which was then separate country. Texas had been unable
Music Club enjoys Cram Clan Concert
The Music Club got a special treat last night with a concert by Bonnie Cram, and Mike and Ione Slattery. They sang a variety of songs from an old Irish ship song to Robbie Robertson. It really covered a wide range of Americana and ended with America the Beautiful which helped to reestablish in our hearts what America is really about.

The turnout demonstrated just how important music is to St Francis and how fundamental music is to just being human. Ione is Bonnie's daughter and Bonnie ran a h
CC4C Underwriters
Underwriters and supporters energize the arts in our community! Because of underwriters, Quincy Gallery was able to host a variety of exciting exhibits in 2016, ranging from Fiber Arts to Photography. Businesses and individuals become underwriters for exhibits at Quincy Gallery by contributing full support for a two-month show or by teaming with another donor to sponsor an exhibit.

The 2016 exhibits at Quincy Gallery were made possible by these underwriters: Dr. Ron Maifeld/Vitalix, St. Franc
National Arts and Humanities Month
The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
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September 28, 2016
Presidential Proclamation -- National Arts and Humanities Month, 2016

<div style='text-align:center;'>NATIONAL ARTS AND HUMANITIES MONTH, 2016

<div style='text-align:justify;'>Throughout history, the arts and humanities have been at the forefront of progress. In diverse mediums and methods -- whether through the
Proposed Cheyenne Co Community Theater Group
There is talk around town about starting a community theater group which will perform a wide variety of material for the public once, or a couple of times a year. Many of the group's details have not yet been worked out, but interest is growing, and as the word gets around, more people are signing up to help make the community theater happen.

The Cheyenne Co Community Theater Group is currently trying to find the people who might be interested in helping in any aspect of the production. If yo
1st Annual Art and Culture Exhibition
The beginning of a new St Francis tradition begins on Saturday, July 16th, 7pm @ Quincy Gallery, when the opening reception for the 1st Annual Art and Culture Exhibition begins.

Submitted artwork includes painting, drawing, printmaking, and mixed media. All submitted artwork will be available for viewing during the opening reception, and special guest, Joel T Dugan, Assistant Professor of Painting, Fort Hays State University, will be judging the submitted pieces. Winning art pieces will rece
Fractured Fairy Tales
What do you get when you take the fairy tales you grew up with, the tales your parents read to you at night, the tales you have read to your kids as they drifted off to sleep, the tales that have now been thrown in the air and let smash against the ground, and pieced back together in new ways?

<span style='font-weight:bold; font-style:italics;'>Fractured Fairy Tales</span>

Kristen Hasty is back this year to spin golden magic with a new performance featuring princesses, magic mi
Quincy St Displays Tri-state Photographers
Creativity has given us the opportunity to to just that with the menagerie images at the Quincy Street Gallery.

St Francis photographers represented are Jennifer Padgett, Allison Grice, and Jordan Zweygardt.

Jennifer is exploring the interplay of black and white photos with a splash of color. The result has the same feeling as that moment just before sleep, going through that door into an unknown room. Her photography service can be found on Facebook at
1000 Words at Quincy St. Gallery
Tonight, Thursday 6/2/16 at 7pm Cheyenne Center for Creativity will have an open house for area photographers. Eight artists will have their works displayed representing three states (KS, NB, CO) and a wide array of themes. These pieces are for sale and would make a statement in any room in which hung. Refreshments will be served and some of the photographers will be present for questions.

The St Francis photographers represented are Jordan Zweygardt, Jennifer Padgett, and Allison Grice.

Art and Culture Juried Exhibition
Re-posted for the CC4C and The Quincy Gallery:

Cheyenne Center 4 Creativity and the Quincy Gallery present;

Art and Culture Juried Exhibition

July 16-August 20, 2016

held att the Quincy Gallery, 109 North Quincy St., St. Francis, KS

Entry forms available at this location

July 13,14 Artwork received from 1-5 CST

July 16 Artwork to be judged with opening reception for Artists and Public at 7 CST

July 16-August 20 Exhibition open to the public

August 20 Accepted artwork t