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Kansas NRCS Announces Application Deadline for Organic Transition Initiative
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USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) will dedicate financial and technical assistance to a new organic management standard and partner with new organic technical experts to increase staff capacity and expertise.

SALINA, KANSAS, May 17, 2023 ‒ The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced deta
Managing Native Grazing Lands
By Fred Wedel,
retired NRCS District Conservationist

Grazing management is matching available forage to the stocking rate of the animals to be grazing the native range resource. The goal of grazing management is to market a valuable resource at a profit while maintaining and improving the range resource. The stocking rate has a huge impact on animal performance and the available range of forage resources.

The stocking rate is defined as the land area allocated to each grazing animal for
Conservation on Farmland & Rangeland since the 1980’s
By Fred Wedel,
retired NRCS District Conservationist

Have you heard of the "Dust Bowl" of the 1930s? Because of extreme drought and farming methods, a huge dust cloud made it to Washington D.C. Franklin D. Roosevelt was newly elected President. The United States was recovering from the Great Depression. The drought in the great plains caused the Dust Bowl and was made worse by the tillage methods used then.

Hugh Hammond Bennett was on Presidents Roosevelt"s staff. He
Prairie Strips (Contour Grass Buffer Strips)
Written by Fred Wedel, Retired NRCS District Conservationist

Contour grass buffer strips are narrow strips of perennial vegetation alternated down the slope with wider cropped strips that are farmed on the contour. Contour grass strips are used on cropland with potential for sheet and rill erosion. Many times, grass buffer strips are used in combination with terraces. The grass buffer strips are typically used below terraces where land slopes are less than 4 to 5 percent. Grass buffers work b
Benefits of Livestock Manure
<div style='text-align:center;'>Written by Fred Wedel, Retired NRCS District Conservationist</div>

Livestock manure has many benefits when used to supply nutrients for crop production. Livestock manure is a source of many key nutrients needed by crop plants. The nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, and micro-nutrients. Manure added to crop soil impacts the chemical, biological, and physical aspects of soil quality. Livestock manure is
Playa Wetland
What is a playa? Playas are small, shallow, intermittent wetlands that are disconnected from rivers, streams and lakes. They only fill with water as a result of rain, snow or runoff from nearby land. Playas can remain filled with water from a month to all season long. Kansas has nearly 22,000 playas. They are in the western half of the state. Playas are also called mud holes, buffalo wallows or lagoons.

Wetland playas have the general characteristics: soggy soils, water-loving plants,
4R's For Nutrient Management
By Fred Wedel, retired NRCS District Conservationist

Nutrient Management is the efficient and effective use of plant nutrients to achieve economic, social and environmental benefits with the involvement of farmers and other stakeholders. Nutrient stewardship builds crop production capacity by assisting farmers and consulting agronomists to be able to produce more food, feed, fiber and energy with fewer nutrient losses, resulting in sustainable crop production. Fertilizer management, improve
Cheyenne County Farmers' Market
Written by Olivia H.
From the Land of Kansas

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Right off Main Street in the town of St. Francis, Kansas, sits the town's city park. Every Saturday, community members gather to help set up tables, and vendors begin setting up beautiful displays of their products they've either grown, raised, made or crafted. Soon, fellow community members show up to enjoy a hot brea
Effective July 1, 2021, Kansas Tourism has been realigned to the Kansas Department of Commerce to consolidate Kansas' tourism efforts primarily as an economic development tool. Kansas Tourism and the Department of Commerce have a shared goal of bringing revenue into the state.

The huge Economic Impact of Tourism is sometimes difficult to understand. However, in 2018, Kansas Travel and Tourism reported that state-wide the Economic Impact was $11 Billion. This includes over 96,590 Jobs (5% of
The Rural Opportunity Zone or ROZ was originally established by the Kansas Legislature as a tool to increase population in Rural Areas of the State.

The Cheyenne County Board of County Commissioners authorized participation in the Student Loan Repayment Program for Calendar year 2021 via Resolution No. 21-05.

At this time, Cheyenne County does not offer financial assistance for the program, but allows Cities, Employers and Foundations within Cheyenne County to participate in the program.
Conservation Tillage
By Fred Wedel, Retired NRCS District Conservationist, Goodland KS

No-Till farming is limiting soil disturbance to keep plant residue on the soil surface all year. Also, good, healthy soil structure is maintained year around. The No-Till farming practice applies to all cropland.

Advantages of No-Till farming include reduced soil erosion caused by wind and water. Soil not tilled is less compacted resulting in better soil structure. Time is saved when several tillage passes are eliminated
Bonnie Cram’s Grade School Adventures
<i>Bonnie was born 11/22/26 in Cheyenne County, KS. She has blessed our community with her cooking, singing, art, acting and the joy of her precious self. Here is her account of her grade school days. Enjoy!</i>

My education began in the Sunny Ridge Schoolhouse District 44 located two and half miles north of our home. When I attended school there were enough children living in our rural area to employ a teacher. I had two boys in my class to begin with, Willard Walz and Walter
Virtual Ice House Class
NetWork Kansas is proud to partner with wKREDA Ice House Facilitators to provide an all virtual Ice House class open to the entire state with preference given to residents of the wKREDA region (Western Kansas).

The "Think Like an Entrepreneur with New Problem Solving Skills" class will benefit those who are considering an entrepreneurial endeavor, those who would like to expand on their entrepreneurial and problem solving skills as well as students who are growing and diversifying t
Farmer's Market Board plans for the 2021 market season
The Farmer’s Market Board has been meeting and making plans for the up coming Farmer’s Market season. Having had a couple of great years of helping vendors provide healthy food and products to the community, the Farmer’s Market Board is working to continue that trend by still providing the market every Saturday from, June 5th, through September 25th, and adding some new events and tools which should help get local foods and products dispersed into the community.

The FM board will be wor
Best Burgers on 36
The US Highway 36 Association is pleased to announce the winners of our “Best Burgers on 36” Contest. During the month of November voting was live on the Association's Facebook page and Website. Each county located on Highway 36 in Kansas had its own poll which citizens and visitors could vote on. One winner was chosen from each of the counties creating the list of the 13 Best Burgers on 36. The winners received a certificate as well as will be recognized in the Association's new Travel Guid
The Roll Top Desk
The Roll Top Desk which sat for one hundred years in the Kite law offices (later Kite and Day Law Offices), 112 West Washington, St. Francis.
John and Elaine Raile Kite donated this golden oak to the Museum of Cheyenne County. It is now the centerpiece in the redesigned Law Office at the Museum.

John Kite retired in June 2007 after practicing law in Cheyenne County for 50 years. His father, Edward, E. E. Kite, was also a lawyer for 50 years. Together, they provided 100 years of law t
202 on Washington Update
Renovation plans are progressing at 202 on Washington. Materials which will be used in the first phase of HVAC installation were delivered February 4th. Funds to pay for this first phase were made possible through grants from the Cheyenne County Kansas Community Foundation including a Dane G. Hansen Pass Through Grant for $10,000, and a $10,000 St Francis New Generation Grant. In addition, the Midwest Energy Community Fund Impact Grant awarded $5000 for this phase of the climate control project
Natural Resources Conservation Service Continued Operations through 2020 Pandemic
By Bernadette Luncsford, Acting Supervisory District Conservationist for Cheyenne, Decatur, Sherman, Rawlins, and Thomas counties

Here at the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) we have learned quite a lot about doing business over the last year. As we realized there was a life threatening disease spreading we also understood that we had to continue to support you, landowners, to ensure your livelihood remained viable and your families were provided for through the pandemic. The wor
Conserve America: Embrace Diversity
By Bernadette Mills, Supervisory District Conservationist

Cheyenne, Decatur, Sherman, Rawlins, and Thomas counties, Kansas

Natural Resources Conservation Service


The U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is an equal opportunity employer and provider. Hmm, what does that mean? Well, it means that you cannot be denied employed positions or customer services based on the specific factors that make you who you are: your age, national origin, color, race, religion, disability, sex,
202 on Washington: New Chapter Begins
August 10

New Chapter Begins

On the morning of August 6, the dilapidated wooden awning at 202 on Washington was carefully taken down by a crew of local construction volunteers. As the awning was removed, the new face of 202 on Washington emerged. The history of the Danielson Faulkender Building will never be forgotten, but a new chapter is beginning.
Cheyenne Center for Creativity approached Roger Jensen several months ago to help tackle this enormous project. Roger enlisted Gordon Ross
Meet Heidi, the new Farmers Market Coordinator
Hello, I am Heidi Straub-Marquez and I am the coordinator for the Cheyenne County Farmers Market.  I am excited to share some news of the upcoming farmers market with you.

We will be setting up at the Courthouse Park starting Saturday; June 6th from 9-12.  Tables and chairs will be available to vendors on a first come, first serve basis. The market will be held every Saturday unless weather prohibits.

Cheyenne County Farmers Market will provide state required hand washing station(s) and
The 202 on Washington Project is one step closer to becoming a reality
The 202 on Washington Project is one step closer to becoming a reality. Closing on the building sale took place on Friday, April 17th.

"We are excited to see the community moving forward with the Cheyenne Center for Creativity's (CC4C) purchase of the historic building at 202 Washington", said Tom Smull, board member of the Cheyenne County Kansas Community Foundation. The Foundation's Dane G. Hansen Pass-Through Grant of $10,000 will help start the work. This building is the former
History of building at 202 Washington
We are currently having a RAISE THE ROOF CAMPAIGN

In 1895, Deroy Danielson, Sr. established an implement and hardware store in St. Francis, Kansas. Originally from Bishop, Illinois, Deroy arrived in Cheyenne County from Clay Center, Kansas in 1887 with plans to be a cattle rancher. He quickly learned that the days of big cattle ranches were weaning with the rapid arrival of settlers.

With $200 in his pocket, he took the cattle train to Kansas City to buy inventory for his new store. He ret
What Is the 2020 Census?
Text from the 2020 Census website:

To participate in the 2020 Census, please visit the website:

The 2020 Census counts every person living in the United States and five U.S. territories.

The count is mandated by the Constitution and conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, a nonpartisan government agency. The 2020 Census counts the population in the United States and five U.S. territories (Puerto Rico, Ameri
Cheyenneopoly game now available through the CCDC
Cheyenneopoly, the game unique to Cheyenne County, Kansas, has been produced by Cheyenne County Development Corporation as a fundraiser, through the efforts of local businesses and individuals who chose to be included in the production of 500 games, which is a Monopoly featuring local businesses and organizations.

These games are a great way to support the community with local families in the area, and those with ties to Cheyenne County. Cheyenneopoly will make a great gift for those graduati
Help Wanted: Farmer's Market Coordinator
It is the goal of the Cheyenne County Farmer's Market: "To help strengthen our local food system, through educating and empowering community support of a marketplace that supports healthy, local, and sustainable food and homemade items to contribute to our local economy." And to meet this goal we could use someone's help.

We have an open position as the Farmers Market Coordinator. This is a seasonal position, each Saturday, 9 - noon, June through September, plus a few board and vend
Flatiron Restaurant Closed for a Short Time
Fitting into a community on a long term basis is a complicated configuration of gives and takes, offerings and acceptances. Seldom does one get it right the first time, even when the offering is some of the best meals available in St Francis. Jett Fromholtz realized that all his dreams of possibility, honed by practicality, and tested in the real world had to be re-examined. Flatiron Restaurant has offered breakfast and lunch with Asian and Mexican special days and all were excellent and popular
Ribbon Cutting of Van Service
Ribbon cutting on the Van service in Cheyenne County took place at 11 am on March 21st. at the Senior Center. There will be an open house in Bird City on March 27th at 11 am at the Bird City Senior Center.


Call 785-772-1053 between 8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday (except county holidays) to schedule a ride.


8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday, county holidays are observed


Transportation within
St Francis Community Foundation accepting grant applications
Applications are being accepted from January 19 to March 10, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Up to $12,400 in interest income has been approved to be granted. Decisions on funding will be announced by April 1, 2017. They can be picked up from the St. Francis city office or completed online at:

Local area charitable 501(c)(3) organizations, government entities, or community organizations working with a government entity or 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization may request
January 19, 2017

Become a Museum “Friend” for a donation of $30. Friends have free access to the Cheyenne County Family Legacy Files that Marilyn Holzwarth gave to the Historical Society, so that you can research and update your own family’s information. “Friends” will also have free assistance and access to all files and information in the museum.

The museum staff works diligently to plan programs, access donations and grants, update and create exhibits, as well as managing t