Bushels build dreams!

Posted date: Jun 13, 2020

by: Admin My Local Life
As early as 2015, community members had a dream, a dream of bringing the historic building at 202 on Washington back to life. That dream was to restore and re-purpose it as a multi-use structure that would serve the community both culturally and economically. Step by step, with the work and planning of dedicated volunteers and generous ongoing donations, the dream is slowly taking shape.

Tap into the history that lives within the walls of that vast, but now empty building at 202 on Washington. Imagine a store stocked with implement parts, fertilizer, seed, the empty lot next door boasting the latest in farm implements. Opened in 1922, the building originally housed Danielson's Implement and Hardware store. It was Deroy Danielson's Dream, one of the first businesses that catered to the farmers of Cheyenne County.

Former St. Francis native Neal O'Brien remembers going to the basement under the store with his dad and Deroy, turning on a single light, and looking for a part for their DC8 Case tractor. He remembers a ramp from the outside where you could drive a tractor down so they could overhaul it... many years ago now. Eldon Dunn, another St. Francis native, now in his nineties and living in California, recalls that Deroy Danielson was one of the early movers and shakers of St. Francis.

Today's "movers and shakers" envision a reborn facility at 202 on Washington: a state-of-the art, multi-use space for meetings, social and cultural events, banquets and receptions and an expanded showcase art gallery to rival any in the region.

For more information go to Facebook at 202onwashington, or
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