History of building at 202 Washington

Posted date: May 17, 2020

by: Admin My Local Life
We are currently having a RAISE THE ROOF CAMPAIGN

In 1895, Deroy Danielson, Sr. established an implement and hardware store in St. Francis, Kansas. Originally from Bishop, Illinois, Deroy arrived in Cheyenne County from Clay Center, Kansas in 1887 with plans to be a cattle rancher. He quickly learned that the days of big cattle ranches were weaning with the rapid arrival of settlers.

With $200 in his pocket, he took the cattle train to Kansas City to buy inventory for his new store. He returned home with a train-car-load of merchandise and placed it in the small building he rented for $10 a year. Initially, the store had neither glass in the windows nor a lock on the door. Within a year, he made repairs and continued operating his business at that location for 25 years.

Around 1920, Mr. Danielson bought 4 lots directly across from his old store to build his new store. In 1922, he described his new store in the August 26 edition of The Merchants Journal.

"The new store is built in L-shape. I let the Citizens State Bank have 25x80 feet on the corner and I have built around the bank building. The store is 126 feet long with the L fronting east. The main front is south. There is a basement under the whole and it is steam heated. The fixtures are all modern Warren shelving. Scales, show cases and office fixtures are all new and modern. We have a rest room for ladies, furnished with rockers, desk, etc. The building is modern in every way and cost $25,000."
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The 202 on Washington Project is one step closer to becoming a reality
The 202 on Washington Project is one step closer to becoming a reality. Closing on the building sale took place on Friday, April 17th.

"We are excited to see the community moving forward with the Cheyenne Center for Creativity's (CC4C) purchase of the historic building at 202 Washington", said Tom Smull, board member of the Cheyenne County Kansas Community Foundation. The Foundation's Dane G. Hansen Pass-Through Grant of $10,000 will help start the work. This building is the
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New playground equipment at the Grade School
We as adults don't have the capability to truly judge the quality of a new, and visually impressive, piece of playground equipment. So, My Local Life recruited the help of two local experts in the fields of testing and evaluating the overall quality of 'fun stuff'.

Mahra and Mika take us through this new playground and let us know if the fun level was worth the effort, or if the school and the community just wasted their time and money.

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The coop must be approved by the city before it is populated with chickens.
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Classic Rose and The Rustic Garden, ribbon cutting ceremony
The Classic Rose and The Rustic Garden had it's official ribbon cutting ceremony this morning to celebrate a new owner and renovation. The members of the Cheyenne County Development Corp. were on hand to perform the ribbon cutting and highlight the addition of an important, new business in our community. Plus, they brought cake :)

Jan Fortin has created a wonderful new environment within the Classic Rose; taking down partitions, giving the entire space a face lift, opening up the space fo