Viaero Offers Faster Internet Service in St. Francis

Posted date: Jul 7, 2016
by: Jason Padgett
I am excited to find out that there may be another internet option here in St. Francis and Bird City.

Our internet woes in St. Francis may be getting a bit of relief. Michelle Staley, from the Viaero corporate office, came to announce the arrival of a new internet service to the area. After talking with her for a while, and asking lots of questions, here is what we found out:
Viaero Flyer

Your local Viaero Dealer Sainty Wireless located at 301 W Jackson St. Francis is excited to be able to offer this new internet option to our communities. Shelley Culwell is happy to answer any questions 785-332-2270. There are further details below.

  • Viaero is offering their ProConnect service, which has speed/price options of 5Mbps/$49.95, 10Mbps/$69.95, and 15Mbps/89.95. These are the set prices, not an introductory price.

  • Your upload speed averages around 25% of the download speed.

  • There is unlimited data, but if your data usage reaches 15gb in one day, then your data rate will slowed for the rest of the day.

  • The data connection uses an antenna which is mounted on your house, and connects to a Viaero tower. The ProConnect connection is differnt from a call connection though, using a different network, which means that your internet service and your cell service will not be using the same data flow, and will not bog each other down.

  • The signal to the tower is usable up to 6-8 miles. So, you must be within 6-8 miles of a Viaero tower that has the service enabled, and you must have good line of sight with that tower. The data support techs can usually pinpoint who would be able to use the service and who cannot if you call them. 877-484-2376 The Viaero tower in the SE part of St.Fracnis, does have this service enabled.

  • There is a two year service contract. If you wish to end your contract early, there is a $200 penalty.

  • The first 14 days of service are to test your system, as a trial period.

  • This service is good for home or business.

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