Best Burgers on 36

Posted date: Mar 2, 2021

by: Admin My Local Life
The US Highway 36 Association is pleased to announce the winners of our “Best Burgers on 36” Contest. During the month of November voting was live on the Association's Facebook page and Website. Each county located on Highway 36 in Kansas had its own poll which citizens and visitors could vote on. One winner was chosen from each of the counties creating the list of the 13 Best Burgers on 36. The winners received a certificate as well as will be recognized in the Association's new Travel Guide which will come out in the Spring of 2021.

The winners are:
Doniphan County: Kirkwood & Co, 401 W Main St, Highland, KS 66035 (785) 444-3663
Brown County: First Street Bar and Grill, 602 1st St, Hiawatha, KS 66434 (785) 742-3692
Nemaha County: Spanky's Bar & Grill, 405 Main St, Seneca, KS 66538 (785) 336-6031
Marshall County: Little Haps, 211 2nd St, Home, KS 66438 (785) 799-9920
Washington County: Linn American Legion, 100 5th St, Linn, KS 66953 (785) 348-5370
Republic County: Pinky’s Bar & Grill, 428 Main St, Courtland, KS 66939 (785) 374-4200
Jewell County: Sweden Creme, 610 E South St, Mankato, KS 66956 (785) 378-8600
Smith County: Jiy Burger, 815 US-36, Smith Center, KS 66967 (785) 282-6435
Phillips County: Third Street Bakery, 729 3rd St, Phillipsburg, KS 67661 (785) 543-6340
Norton County: 110 Bar & Grill, 110 S State St, Norton, KS 67654 (785) 874-4110
Decatur County: The Reload, 133 S Penn Ave, Oberlin, KS 67749 (785) 475-2421
Rawlins County: MOJO Espresso & Bistro, 113 S 4th St, Atwood, KS 67730 (785) 626-9011
Cheyenne County: Diamond R. Bar & Grill, 118 W Washington St, St Francis, KS 67756 (785) 332-3936

US Highway 36 Association Board of Directors:
Doniphan County: Leah B. Johnson, Bob Jenkins, Joel Euler
James Robben District Rep from Senator Jerry Moran's office presents Lacy with certificate from US Highway 36 Association for best burger in Cheyenne County
Brown County: Sarah Kleopfer
Nemaha County: Kylee Bergstrom, Association Vice President Gina Murchison
Marshall County: Bill Phillipi, Association President Katelyn Tommer, Chad Kramer
Washington County: Gloria Moore, Jay Frye
Republic County: James Erickson, Paul Kallman, Waylon Sheetz
Jewell County: Susan Abel
Smith County: Dave Stortz, Sherry Linneman
Phillips County: Cy Moyer, Exectuive VP Kathy Beard, Treasurer
Norton County: Carolyn Applegate, Donna Eastman Liddle
Decatur County: Robert Struvey, Halley Roberson, Steve Haynes
Rawlins County: Rick Oliver
Cheyenne County: Helen Norman Dobbs, Robert Erskin, Jr., Justin Culwell
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